A / I / S Antenna Installation Service Inc.
Family Owned & Operated Serving Chicagoland and the Midwest Since 1963
Phone:(630) 466-4304  Fax:(630) 466-4782   20 S. Dugan Road Sugar Grove, IL 60554
Our Commercial Downlink Fleet@A/I/S consists of multiple
AFC Transportable 3.0 Meter & 3.7 Meter Antennas. Our
engineers have been operating Downlinks since 1980
when it all began. All Downlinks have redundant
electronics and are capable of C-Band, KuBand, H.D. Our
video delivery can be HD, HDSDI, SDI, SD.

We also specialize in metropolitan roof top
units where LOS @ Streetlevel is not available
Contact us for scheduling + more info